Rachael Says That THIS Is the Thing She'd Love to Be If She Wasn't a Cook

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We can't IMAGINE Rachael doing anything other than whipping up her amazingly delicious meals!

But one fan recently asked her to imagine: If she hadn't become a chef, what would she be?

Her answer?

Well, if you know Rach, this makes PERFECT sense!

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"I just like working in food,” she says. “It's a great way to make a living — [and] it's a great way to get a date… I would still work in food, the TV stuff is just a bonus."

But, she says, if she had a DREAM gig, "It would be a rock-and-roll drummer. I think to be backup for the Foo Fighters would be cool."

And she didn't stop there!

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"I also love photography — I'm an amateur photographer," she admits.

But, Rachael says, "Any of those things would be cool, but I think I got the best gig."

We certainly think so! ❤️

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