The FIRST-EVER Plus-Size Supermodel Helps 3 Women Face Their Biggest Body Insecurities With Styling Tricks (and confidence)

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We're all beautiful just the way we are.

But...we're human, and we all have parts of our bodies that we feel self-conscious about, right?

Emme understands!

And when the first-ever plus-size supermodel visited our show, she, Rach and our ENTIRE studio audience wrote down their biggest body insecurities and we *proudly* taped them all to a wall.

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(Because we're all in this together, everyone!)

And even though she feels as though you should wear your insecurities loud and proud (and that confidence comes from within!), Emme expertly found ways to help three of our viewers feel more confident -- with styling tricks anyone can do!

SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT: Cellulite and varicose veins on legs
STYLING TRICK: A mini-skirt dress with a sheer overlay -- and a slit! -- gives you subtle coverage without completely hiding your legs!

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STYLING TRICK: For a natural boost, Emme says a halter top and a slightly padded strapless bra with an underwire are your best friends.

"A halter top cuts up into the neckline and adds width," the iconic supermodel explains, "so it’s really giving you a little bit of an illusion that you have [larger breasts]."

STYLING TRICK: Cold-shoulder tops showcase a little bit of skin -- and you can even go for bigger cut-outs as you get more comfortable!

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