This GENIUS Wardrobe Hanger Trick Will Help You Weed Out the Clothes You Don’t Wear

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Who else feels like they only wear a fraction of the clothes in their closet? ?

Well, we have a way to tell for sure!

When our buddy and organizing pro Peter Walsh introduced Rach to his friend and organizing expert from Brazil, Micaela Góes, Rach instantly became a fan.

(And so did we!)

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Why? Because -- among other things -- she introduced us to this ingenious hanger trick!

First, pick one type of hanger to use in your closet AND be sure to hang all of your clothing with the hangers facing the same way.

Then, when you wear an item of clothing and hang it back up at the end of the day, reverse the direction of that specific hanger hook.

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"[This] will help you check how often you use your clothes," Micaela explains.

How smart is that?!

Maybe (just maybe!) those forgotten wardrobe pieces will finally stand a chance -- OR you'll realize which pieces it's time to part with!

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