We Gave Our Whole Studio Audience a Free Resort Vacation — and They LOST IT

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What would your reaction be if you found out you won a free vacation?

Excitement? Pure joy? You might even burst into tears?

Well, that was the reaction (and MORE) when we told our studio audience that they had ALL won a trip!

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Specifically, everyone found out that they would soon be heading to one of the Kalahari Resorts, family-friendly vacation locales boasting America's biggest water parks. (There's one in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and one coming soon to Texas!)

The getaway includes one "Desert" hotel room (the resorts are African-inspired) and four waterpark passes — and everyone got a carry-on from Ricardo Beverly Hills to boot!

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Pretty sweet, huh?

Our audience certainly thought so! Watch them LOSE IT when they find out not just one person, but EVERYONE had won in the video above!

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