We Gave This Mom of 3 a Head-to-Toe Makeover After Her Daughters Nominated Her -- And The Result Brought Them to Tears


We're calling this one the MOTHER OF ALL MAKEOVERS -- and you'll soon see why!

When we set out to find a mom to surprise with a head-to-toe makeover, we knew it wouldn't be easy to pick just one. (Because all moms are superheroes!)

And while we were right -- the decision was *not* easy -- we knew we had to give it to a deserving woman named Christine when we heard from her three daughters, Gianna, Antonia and Natalia.

"Our mom is a true superhero," Gianna tells us. "She's the least selfish person I know. Everything she does is for everyone else."

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Christine works as a rehab nurse at a hospital in New Jersey -- and five years ago, when her husband Anthony suffered from a bad stroke, she, of course, cared for him.

"She'll go to work for 14 days in a row without a break," Natalia says. "Every weekend, she tries to get shifts so she can earn enough money to keep the house over our head and food on the table."

"As long as everyone has what they need," Antonia adds, "my mom is always happy."

And their dad Anthony couldn't agree more.

"She's incredibly important," he echoes. "She's vital. I don't know what we'd do without her."

(Our hearts!)

Now, because Christine has always put everyone's needs before her own, her style has become less and less of a priority for her.

(Her daughters describe her style as comfortable and say Christine prefers to hide under layers of clothing.)

"I've never seen my mom in a dress," Natalia says.

So, that's where we came in!

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We surprised Christine at work to tell her we'd be giving her the *mother* of all makeovers just in time for Mother's Day -- and then we enlisted the help of our friend and beauty guru Mally Roncal to pull it off.

And boy did she deliver!

Watch the video above for the *stunning* reveal and see us spring one (or two) more surprises on Christine and her amazing family in the video below.

(Spoiler alert: Christine called it the best day of her life and our hearts MELTED.)

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