2 Once-in-a-Lifetime Makeovers for Best Friends

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When besties Rosie and Maria lost weight together, they never imagined the positive impact of the life-changing results. In fact, the duo lost more than 200 pounds combined — more than 100 pounds each.

They’re still getting used to their new clothing sizes, so makeover maestro Clinton Kelly, who is co-host of “The Chew,” stepped in to give the friends a hand at choosing some outfits and trying out fresh looks.

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Shopping with Clinton was eye-opening for both Rosie and Maria, who stepped out of their clothing comfort zones. With Clinton’s help, they found fashion-forward picks — and gleaned some amazing makeover advice.

Clinton’s Top Tips

Shop for your shape. Because the top half of Rosie’s body is bigger than her bottom half, Clinton suggested she opt for separate pieces, as in a skirt and top rather than a dress, which she would’ve normally chosen.

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Choose a silhouette over a print. Clinton says the silhouette, or shape of a dress, matters much more than its color or pattern. Find a shape that works for you (A-line, fitted, etc.), and stick to it.

Don't judge a dress by its color. Don’t think you like prints? Colors aren’t your thing? When in doubt, try it on, says Clinton. You just might be surprised.

Embrace nude. A flesh-colored pair of shoes can make legs look longer.

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Check out the BFFs Rosie and Maria in this video as they reveal their makeovers. Spoiler alert: It gets emotional!

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