This Guy Looked OK With Long Hair, but After Chopping Off His Man Bun, He’s Smokin’

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Did you know there’s a bar in Brooklyn, New York called Boobie Trap that gives dudes a free bottle of booze just for chopping off their man buns at the bar? They even nail the bun to the wall once the deed is done! Sounds like quite the experience, so we decided to try it on one of our viewers!

Justin Corin from Massapequa, New York is a fan of the man bun trend and hasn’t had his hair cut in two years! His family on the other hand, doesn’t dig his long ‘do.

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Enter expert hair stylist Kyan Douglas (who has a chin-length ‘do of his own!).

Since Corin likes his long hair and wants to continue to keep it on the longer side, Douglas’ plan is to take off some length and give him lots of great layers -- and booze, of course! (to make sure he gets the full experience).

“I want him to have a badass haircut, so that’s what we’re going to do,” says Douglas.

Did we nail his bun to the wall after cutting it off? Watch the video above to find out and to see the final “badass” result!

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