Here's What to Do With Your Old Beautyblender Makeup Sponge Instead of Tossing It

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Beautyblenders or beauty sponges are super handy for blending foundation -- but even the sturdy, expensive ones can only last for so long!

In fact, to keep your skin in tip-top shape, lifestyle expert Gretta Monahan suggests only keeping one good sponge around for about 6 months to a year -- even if you’re washing and sanitizing it.

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If you’ve spent a pretty penny on a professional beautyblender and can’t bear to just toss it after 6 months to a year, Gretta has a nifty alternative use for it (and it has nothing to do with your face!).

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Clean your beauty sponge with soap and water, let it dry -- and then you can have some fun with nail polish!

DIY nail art? Sign us up!

Start by painting on two coats of a pretty, pink shade and allowing it to dry fully. Then, dot a gold polish on the tip of the beautyblender and tap it from the center of the nail to the edge, working through all 10 fingers before going back and pressing another coat on slightly above the other one to create the ombre effect.

If you'd like, you can repeat this a third time, so the glitter would be most concentrated on the tips.

Watch Gretta create an ombre look and a leopard pattern in the video above!

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