Can You Really Dye Your Hair With Eye Shadow?!

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You may have heard about “hair shadowing” on social media, as it's been getting a lot of attention on Instagram lately.

But what exactly does it mean?

Basically, just using eyeshadow that you have laying around (the powder kind, NOT cream versions) to give your hair a pop of temporary color.

After all, trying wild hair colors can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty expensive -- especially if you don’t want to commit to one color for a long time!

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Fans of this buzzy beauty trend say using highly concentrated eye shadow pigments is easier than messing with traditional, chemical-laden dyes. Plus, it allows dark-haired ladies to skip double processing (bleach plus color that raven-haired beauties usually have to go through to achieve more permanent bright colors).

OK, it sounds cool (and convenient!) -- but does it really work?

Well, inspired by this popular Youtuber to give it a whirl, we asked lifestyle and beauty expert Gretta Monahan to stop by to help us test this trend out!

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"A lot of us have [eye] colors that we tried out once," Gretta points out.

But hey, just because you don’t like a certain color on your eyes doesn’t mean you won’t dig it on your hair!

So, all you have to do is put the eyeshadow (broken pieces work, too!) on your hands and rub it directly on your desired strands of hair!

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Pro tips: If you want to intensify the color, spray a little hairspray on the strands. And if you want to bake the color in a bit, use a curling iron!

Watch Gretta work her magic in the video above!

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