How to Pop a Pimple — the RIGHT Way — Demonstrated on Cupcakes and Crispy Rice Cereal Treats

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Yes, as irresistible as it is, we all know that we really should not pop that pimple.

But — is it really as simple as that?

According to our guest, Dr. Sandra Lee — a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper — maybe not!

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The key, she says, is making sure that if you're going to pop that pimple, you do it the right way.

"As a dermatologist, I'm going to tell you don't pop your pimples," says Dr. Lee. "But I know a lot of us are going to do it anyway, so at least I can tell you the best way — or the smartest way — to do so." This is so you minimize damage to your skin.

And you know how she demonstrated her genius maneuvers? On CUPCAKES and CRISPY RICE CEREAL TREATS. (Of course, this is the “Rachael Ray” show, after all.) Observe:


Rach’s face is all of us!

Still, the dessert demos (courtesy of Blessed by Baking) really helped showed us how it’s done!

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Now, first, before you get a poppin’, Dr. Lee says it’s important to figure out which kind of pimple you have:
a blackhead
a whitehead
a pustule (i.e. even bigger, pus-filled pimples)
cystic acne

It’s crucial that you figure out which kind you’re dealing with before you do ANYTHING. Whiteheads, blackheads and most pustules are ready to pop since they’ve made their way to the surface BUT underground bumps -- i.e. cystic acne -- will only get worse if you try to pop them, because they’re nowhere near the surface.

IMPORTANT: If you have cystic acne, Dr. Lee says to go to the dermatologist. A doctor can inject the pimple with a corticosteroid shot, making it disappear in 24 hours, or prescribe medication, if he or she feels it's appropriate.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, if you do have a poppable pimple, here’s your game plan!

1. Again, make sure you're choosing a pimple that has a head. If the pimple hasn't surfaced and you pop it, it's more likely to get infected or scar.

2. Clean your hands — or your instruments (i.e. an extractor, which you can pick up at your local drug store).

2. Prime your skin. ("Maybe take a shower with a little bit of steam," says. Dr. Lee.)

3. Then take your clean hands with tissue paper or your extractor and squeeze the pimple from all sides.

4. Make sure you get all "the stuff" (i.e. the pus) out.


But remember, if you can avoid popping, do! Your face will only thank you in the long run.

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