Hollywood's Hottest Hairstylist Secrets: JLo’s High Pony, Sexy Beach Waves + Sleek, Shiny Kardashian Hair

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Playing How to Get the Look with Celeb Hairstylist Chris Appleton: JLo’s High Pony + Sexy Beach Waves

We stare in awe at the flawless tresses of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Shay Mitchell, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, but do you ever wonder who’s behind their styled locks?

More often than not, it's Hollywood's hottest hairstylist, Chris Appleton.

And lucky for us, he visited our show and recreated three iconic celeb hairstyles on three of our viewers -- and you can learn how to pull them off, too!

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HIGH PONY (a la JLo)

According to Chris, ponytails *never* go out of style -- but right now, the high pony -- specifically -- is IN.

I mean, you can't argue with how fierce JLo looks rocking one:

Rachael Ray Show

Photo credit: Newscom

"When you pull [the pony] up high, it really lifts the face and gives you that facelift vibe," Chris explains. "It follows the cheekbones and gives you that lift."

The celeb hairstylist’s secret trick to master it? When you're tying the ponytail high, blow dry your hair in the direction of the pony and flip your head upside down to tie it.

"It just makes it easier to get it higher," he says.

Then, use a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush!) and hairspray to calm flyaway hairs down and wrap a strand of hair around the pony to hide the hair tie. (So clever!)

That’s right, it's as simple as this:

And if you want to finish off the style with a slight wave like Chris did on our viewer Allison, watch exactly how he does it with a curling iron in the video above.

BEACH WAVES (a la Shay Mitchell)

This relaxed look is all about not overdoing OR under-doing it with a curling iron.

"Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell has the perfect amount of wave here, are we right?

Rachael Ray Show

Photo credit: Newscom

As Chris puts it, "It's that cool girl, effortless, sexy kind of vibe."

And all you need to mimic it is a curling iron and texturizing spray (NOT hairspray!) to build volume.

The trick is to curl big sections of the hair at a time and loosen the curls up with your fingers, like Chris does on our viewer Fatima's hair:

Easy enough, right?

FRIZZ-FREE STRAIGHT HAIR (a la Kim Kardashian)

All Rach could say when she saw this sleek style on Kim Kardashian was "wow" -- and can you blame her?

Rachael Ray Show

Photo credit: Newscom

"The key to this look is it’s all about the shine," Chris stresses.

"Anyone can straighten hair," he goes on. "This is about the gloss and finish of your hair."

And he says an anti-frizz, humidity-proofing serum helps take your locks to that next level.

Just look at the transformation of our viewer Katie's hair!

Now, anybody who follows Kim K. on social media knows that she loves playing around with hair color. Watch the video below to hear Chris explain how they pulled off her recent *stunning* blonde look!

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