4 Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

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In case you didn't realize, Halloween is right around the corner!

But don't worry — you don't have to break the bank to spook-ify your house ASAP.

Our friends — and expert designers — Genevieve Gorder and John Gidding were tasked with creating Halloween decor AND costumes ... with less than $75 each!

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They took a trip to Jack’s, a dollar store in NYC, and they got the job done — and so can you!


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Much like the rest of us, Genevieve dreads scooping out pumpkins for carving. So, to make her life easier, she attaches a baking beater to a drill and uses THAT to clean the "guts" out.

SO smart!

To make her adorable owl, she drilled two holes for eyes and hot glued a combination of seeds to create the illusion of feathers.

The best part? It only took her 15 minutes!

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This one is unconventional — and we LOVE it.

Instead of carving his pumpkin, John sliced it — to create a mummy pumpkin!

After slicing, he stacked the slices — holding them together with toothpicks — and subtly carved out the mummy's eyes, nose and mouth.

John even made MINI versions. Watch the video above to see them!

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While John ran with a mummy theme, Genevieve went in a slightly different direction!

"I wanted to give every ghoul and goblin a chance," Genevieve says of her spooky door decor.

All she used to create her ghoul door was a $2 mask, a black garbage bag, a piece of cardboard, a bunch of stained brown paper bags and glue.

The grand total? $3!


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John simply repurposed a Christmas wreath he found at the dollar store and wrapped it with torn, coffee-dipped bedsheets.

Why the coffee, you ask?

"Mummies, if you remember," John explains, "have been rotting for thousands of years."

Fair point!

And don't forget the eyes! (Fun fact: John used the eyes from a stuffed Cookie Monster pillow for his.)

As for their costumes, check out what they put together here!

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