4 Easy Friendsgiving Ideas to Step Up Your Hosting Game

Playing 4 Easy Friendsgiving Ideas to Step Up Your Hosting Game
4 Easy Friendsgiving Ideas to Step Up Your Hosting Game Aired November 01, 2017

Thanksgiving festivities come in all shapes and sizes -- and one common way to celebrate is with friends (A.K.A. Friendsgiving)!

If you're hosting your buddies this year, take a few cues from party and lifestyle expert Mary Giuliani.

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"I love Friendsgiving," Mary says, "because it's a great time to have all the things you love [about] the Thanksgiving season -- [but] without the formality."


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Have leftover baby pumpkins from Halloween? Turn them into Friendsgiving decor!

"[The ombre pumpkin runner is] basically an ascension of colors that go down your table and look really pretty," Mary says.

To begin, wrap the pumpkin stems in tape to avoid getting paint on them!

Spray paint the bottom of your mini pumpkin first, letting the paint drip and dry for about 10 minutes. Then turn the pumpkin over and spray the top just as you did the bottom, repeating the drip-dry process.

Repeat that process with various different colors on different pumpkins to create ombre runner. Voila!

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First off, buy recyclable wooden utensils for your party (who needs fine silverware anyway?!).

Dip the handles of the utensils in paint (far away from where you actually eat!) to match the aesthetic of your colorful pumpkin runner.

Let them dry (or else your guests may never return!), and you’re good to go!

Watch Rach and Mary decorate utensils in the video above!


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Say goodbye to formal seating assignments and awkward table conversations!

Instead, keep your meal casual with Thanksgiving in a jar -- which you can pre-make before guests even arrive!

Simply layer potatoes, greens, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy in a mason jar, and dinner is served! (Let’s face it -- everything ends up getting mixed on your plate anyway.)

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Plus, as Rach points out, even if you’re hosting a traditional Thanksgiving this year, this idea is PERFECT for the kids’ table.


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Besides making adorable decorations, these can just as easily double as yummy snacks!

Dip the rims of store-bought ice cream cones in melted chocolate and sprinkles, and stuff them with some of your favorite snacks -- like pretzels and candy corn!

And hey, this can even be a fun activity for you and your friends to do during your party -- so they can fill their cornucopia with their favorite goodies!

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