What Should You Do With Broken Ornaments? Bake Them!?

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Shattered Christmas tree ornaments? We’ve all been there!

Don’t fret, though -- “The Great Christmas Light Fight” judge Carter Oosterhouse has a way to turn that Christmas disaster around.

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If you want to salvage a glass ornament that’s been broken instead of throwing it away (we’ve all had sentimental ones hit the ground, right?), place the shattered pieces in a plastic baggie and break them even more!

Confused? Keep reading!

Once you shatter it into fine pieces, grab a clear glass ornament that you can find at a craft store, squirt quite a bit of glue inside and pour the fine glass pieces in!

(Watch Rach and Carter do this in the video above!)

Just swirl everything around as much as you can and let your masterpiece sit and dry for a couple of days.

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

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And if you don’t have a couple of days to spare to set it and forget it, there’s an alternative!

You can put your DIY ornament in the oven at about 150°F for a couple of minutes.


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