Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat? 9 Decor + Organizing Tips to Help You Slim Down


Playing Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat? Decor + Organizing Tips to Help You Slim Down
Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat? Decor + Organizing Tips to Help You Slim Down Aired March 31, 2017

They say the kitchen is the most important room in the house, but could yours be stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals?

Dr. Brian Wansink, the author of Slim by Design, says, “Our kitchens sabotage our diets. They’re filled with all these hidden persuaders that cause us to overeat without wanting to.” Check out his nine clever organizing and decorating tips that could help you eat and weight less.

Clear the Counter

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Clear your counter of all foods except a fruit bowl. “People who have fruit bowls on their counter, on average, weigh 13 pounds less than a neighbor who doesn’t,” the doctor says.

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Move Your Pantry to a Room Far Away From the Kitchen

Having to walk an extra distance might help you stop reaching for the snacks so quickly.

Keep Healthy Food at Eye Level in Your Fridge

Dr. Wansink recommends moving unhealthier items lower or higher in the fridge, so when you open it, the first thing you see are your most healthy foods.

Don’t Serve Family-Style

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Serve from the kitchen counter or a sideboard rather than putting serving bowls on your dinner table -- that way you’ll have to get up for a second helping.

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Choose the Right Plate Color

Serve foods on plates with contrasting colors -- you’re more likely to eat less if the food isn’t the same color as the plate.

Separate Bulk Snacks Into Small Containers

While it can be cost-saving to buy in bulk, that giant container makes it hard to tell how much you are eating, and to know when to stop. Dr. Wansink recommends dividing up bulk foods into smaller, individual portions.

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Paint Your Kitchen

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“The color of your kitchen can make you fat. Because if it’s too bright, you eat too fast and if it’s too dim, what happens is that you linger longer and end up eating more,” Dr. Wansink says.

The fix? Paint your kitchen in neutral earth tones or adjust your lighting.

Follow the Half-Plate Rule

Always fill up half your plate with fruits or vegetables. That includes second (or third) helpings!

Use Smaller Plates and Cups

If you want to cut your calories without feeling like you’re eating small portions, try making your plate or glass smaller. It will make you feel like you’re getting more!

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Our viewer Peggy, a mom of five from Nutley, New Jersey, got the personal treatment from Dr. Wansink -- watch as he goes through her kitchen and gives her real-life advice on what changes she should make.

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