How Do I Get Rid of Hiccups?

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We all know that hiccups are no fun, but do you know what causes them -- and what *actually* gets rid of them?

Well, according to our friend Dr. Oz, a hiccup occurs when the nerve that controls the diaphragm gets irritated and is unable to do its job.

"It's like a wire that got frayed," he explains.

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And YES, scaring them away may actually work -- and here’s why!

"Every solution -- pretty much -- works by raising carbon dioxide in the blood," the doctor explains.

"When your carbon dioxide is up," he continues, "your body says, 'you gotta breathe, you gotta breathe, you gotta breathe,' so you can’t afford to hiccup."

Dr. Oz's two top suggested ways to fend them off? Breathing into a paper bag or drinking water upside down!

Watch the doc and Rach demonstrate both in the video above!

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