How to Finally Drop Those Extra Lbs With Clean Versions of Your Favorite Cheat Foods

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Losing weight is a challenge in and of itself -- but keeping it off once you’ve done all the hard work?

Well, that's the endless uphill battle, right?

(You got this! ? )

Take "227" actress Jackée Harry, for example, who lost 39 pounds over 100 days on "Celebrity Fit Club" over a decade ago.

"My diet now is haphazard," Jackée admits today. "It's terrible. I could do much better."

Her kryptonite? Potato chips! (We feel you, Jackée!)

"I think I gained back all 37 pounds," the "Sister, Sister" star says. "I’m sure of it."

To help her get back on track, we enlisted the help of our friend Dr. Ian Smith. (After all, he played a key role in Jackée’s initial weight-loss journey on the VH1 show.)

Using the premise of his new book “The Clean 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation,” Dr. Ian presented Jackée with clean swaps for some of her favorite cheat foods.

(Spoiler: They're probably some of your favorites, too!)

"It's about reducing processed foods," Dr. Ian explains of the philosophy behind the book.

(a.k.a. No potato chips, bagels or pastries.)

Essentially, the plan is rooted in these 10 rules:
1. Dairy is good
2. No alcohol
3. No soda
4. Only freshly squeezed juice
5. Water, water, water!
6. No MSG
7. No frying
8. No white flour
9. Careful with condiments
10. Salad dressings with restrictions

"The average person drops 10 to 12 pounds in 20 days," the doc tells Jackée to motivate her.

CHEAT FOOD: Mayonnaise
SWAP: Clean Mayonnaise
TRY THIS: Dr. Ian’s Clean Mayonnaise

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CHEAT FOOD: Mashed Potatoes
SWAP: Mashed Sweet Potatoes
TRY THIS: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Orange

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SWAP: Flavored Fizzy Water
TRY THIS: Sparking Matcha Soda

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