This Woman Went From a Size 20 to a Size 4 — and Here Are 3 of Her Best Weight-Loss Motivation Tips

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Playing This Woman Went From a Size 20 to a Size 4 -- and Here Are 3 of Her Best Weight-Loss Motivation Tips

Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

After hearing her story, we're guessing Maisha Wynn -- lifestyle expert and creator of the blog "Live to Wynn" -- would say so.

"I come from a family of obesity," Maisha tells us. "My mother worked long hours."

"She loved me," she goes on, "but often times, we would eat a lot of fast food."

And after suffering various health complications, like high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and stage 2 stomach cancer, Maisha's mother passed away -- and it was a serious wake-up call for her.

"'Maisha,'" she told herself at the time, "'you're either going to get it together, or you're going to end up down that same path.'"

That's when the lifestyle expert started being more mindful of how she was treating her body.

"When you buy that new, expensive car and they tell you to put premium gas in it," Maisha says, "what do you do? You put premium gas in it."

"So you need to treat your body the same way," she stresses.

You tell 'em, Maisha!

She not only built up her workout routine from once a week to four times a week, but she also revamped her diet by replacing red meat, fried chicken, juice and soda with fresh fruits and veggies.

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The result? Losing about 120 pounds and going from a size 20 to a size 4.


When the author of The Wynning Way visited our show, she shared her top tips for staying motivated, and naturally, we were All. Ears.


Cheat days are inevitable, but as long as you keep yourself accountable, you're golden!

So, let's say you indulge in a chocolate bar, offset it with an additional mile of walking, Maisha suggests -- and keep track of it all, like so!

Rachael Ray Show

(For what it's worth, co-host Jesse Palmer thinks a mile for chocolate is a totally fair trade-off!)

Watch Maisha break down other accountability chart examples in the video above.

And as always, check in with your doctor before you make drastic changes to your diet or workout routine!


Don't forget to celebrate your personal wins!

Maisha recommends decorating a shadow box with a reminder of something you desire -- whether that be a new bag or a luxurious vacation.

Then, every time you make a move that you're proud of -- like completing planned workouts or fighting a craving -- fill the shadow box with money as a reward.

The sooner that green piles up, the sooner you can buy that new bag or book that vacay.

We LOVE this system!


Portion control is KEY.

And Maisha makes it easier with edible markers and fun tape.

How clever is this?!

Rachael Ray Show

This way, as you build your plate, you’ll be able to see the drastic difference between what a normal portion size looks versus if you were to load up your plate with no boundaries in sight.

Not only did co-host Jesse Palmer take in these tips from Maisha, but he also shared how he stays fit.

Learn about his workout routine in the video below! (Hint: It involves boxing.)

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