Bobby Flay Plays 'What Am I Touching?' With 'Mystery' Creatures: 'The Box Is Moving Off the Table!'

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 28, 2017

The last time chef Bobby Flay and animal expert Jarod Miller were here together, Jarod got Bobby to touch a snake, an armadillo and a scary freaking TARANTULA.

As you can image, it didn’t go over so well.

Today, Jarod is back with another round of mystery creatures for Bobby to bravely touch and his reactions are nothing short of hysterical!

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Don’t worry, they’re not as scary as you think! See them all below.

Baby Zebras

Jarod started the comical event off with a pair of baby zebras! (AWW!) But according to Rachael -- they’re NOT so “aww” when you’re standing behind a full-grown one and it kicks ya right in the ribs!

While honeymooning in Africa, Rach was taking a picture of a mama and baby zebra when mama zebra suddenly kicked Rach and sent her flying 20 feet!

“She bruised all my ribs, like day three of my honeymoon!” says Rach.

Noted: never stand behind zebras. Watch the video above to learn even more about these beauties!

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Mystery Creature #1

So this first mystery box needed a bit of extra reinforcement.

“We had to put extra packing on the back of this, because this particular animal is very powerful -- even at two weeks of age!” says Jarod.

Well, if Bobby wasn’t terrified before, he sure is now! Watch the video to see what’s in the box.

Mystery Creature #2

Let’s just say between the way the audience reacted and Rachael basically running away after opening the box -- this one isn’t as cute and cuddly looking as the others.

“I’ll guide you because this one has a big mouth,” says Jarod. “There’s a good end and a bad end!”

“Oh, I can’t watch!” says Rach.

Oh boy! Do you think you know what it is?

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Mystery Creature #3

“Wait, this box is moving off the table!” says Bobby.

It sure is, and once you see what’s in the box you’ll smile with delight. This little creature is pretty sly and you can find them all over the country.

Did you figure it out yet?

Don’t miss Bobby’s hysterical reaction in the video above!

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