This Fluffy Pomsky Puppy in Kansas Loves Having Her Teeth Brushed!

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We’re all taught how important oral hygiene is for our health. Rach herself admits that she may not see her dentist often enough, but she DOES always remember to brush her teeth!

Well, Rhea, an 8-month-old pomsky (a husky-pomeranian mix) puppy in Topeka, Kansas agrees. She has the brightest smile because she brushes every night with her mom Alexa.

Most dogs aren’t thrilled about having their teeth brushed but this pup is all about it. Watch the video above to see Rhea happily getting her pearly whites brushed by mom as she stands on her hind legs at the bathroom sink. When her mom stops for a moment, it’s almost like she begs for more. Too cute!

“I am going to take home a special DVD for [my dog] Isaboo and make her watch it over and over again!” says Rach of this adorable pup’s fondness for her twice-daily dental cleaning sessions. “She always bites me when I try and brush her teeth… now she’ll be jealous of this dog,” she jokes.

Thank you, Rhea for inspiring us all (humans and canines) to brush more! “You are a dog to be revered by the country,” says Rach.

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