6 Festive Desserts You Can Make with Halloween Candy

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, October 11, 2015


Aired October 11, 2015

If you’re anything like us, your home is probably already filled with Halloween candy even though the holiday is weeks away! We’ve got six creative ways you can use that candy to make delicious treats for your fall celebrations!

No. 1: Buddy Valastro's Pinata Cake

This is a really fun way to use Halloween candy that puts candy IN a cake! You bake two cakes in casserole dishes, so they are deeper than the average cake. When they are cool, remove a thick inner ring from the top, so you have a well. Then fill one cake with any candy you like, top with the other cake, and frost! Buddy uses colorful fruit rollups to decorate the outside, but you could frost it with a Halloween theme as well. When you slice into the cake, the candy will spill out. How fun!

No. 2: Grant’s Movie Night Brownies

These yum brownies feature three kinds of candy! Grant mixes chocolate covered raisins, chocolate sprinkle candies, and a chopped crispy chocolate bar into his brownie mix, then tops with popcorn and bakes!

No. 3: Grant’s Peep Crispy Treats

This recipe was initially made with Easter marshmallow Peeps, but now that Peeps are available year-round, you could totally do this with Halloween Peeps! This would make a super fun treat for a Halloween party!

No. 4: Candy Pilgrim Hat

If you find yourself with Halloween candy well into November, try making this adorable pilgrim hat treat!

No. 5: Buddy Valastro's Candy Pie

This is another fun idea from Buddy. And it literally could not get easier. Just take a store-bought frozen pie crust and fill it with your favorite unwrapped (preferably chocolate) candy. Bake until the candy melts, then drizzle with melted white chocolate for garnish. Unbelievably simple but tasty!

No. 6: Buddy Valastro's Leftover Candy Ice Cream

This cleverly simple recipe calls for a gallon of pre-made vanilla ice cream, softened and then blended with any candy that you like! Pop it back in the freezer to re-set, and you’re done!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Share below, then watch Rach and Buddy’s hilarious exchange as they make the piñata cake!