Warm Your Belly with These 12 Mouthwatering Chili Recipes

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired February 25, 2016

Chili is pretty much the perfect dish -- it has the potential to hit all the food groups in one dish, and is full of flavor but can be very healthy. Read on for 12 delicious options your whole family will love.

No. 1: Sunny Anderson Goodyear’s White Chicken Chili

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This is a spicy chicken chili that features lots of cumin, hot peppers, and cannellini beans for a nutty flavor. Use leftover or rotisserie chicken to save time.

No. 2: Smoky Beef and Bean Chili

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This hearty beef and bean chili features pureed ancho chile and chipotle in adobo to give it a deep and smoky flavor.

No. 3: Chili Cheese Dog Potato Skins

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What would you get if you served chili on crisp potatoes? You’d get these decadent potato skins! Delish!

No. 4: Zucchini and Corn Chili


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Grab some of that fall zucchini and corn while you can still get it fresh and whip up a batch of this quick-cooking and multi-layered veggie chili!

No. 5: Black Bean and Butternut Chili

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This main dish packs a double punch of two extremely healthy ingredients – black bean and butternut squash! Serve with cheese and sour cream and your family will gobble this up!

No. 6: Ted Allen’s Killer Chili

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Ted has a secret weapon in his chili – toasted peppers! Ted reveals how to instantly up the flavor profile of your chili or Mexican sauces – just toast dried chiles on a cast iron pan until they start to smoke.

No. 7: Sunny Anderson’s Skinny Slow-Cooker Chicken Chili

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A healthy chicken chili?! Leave it to Sunny Anderson to whip up something that's equal parts creative, healthy and delicious. For healthy topping options, try a fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, which will keep that great flavor while cutting back on calories.

No. 8: Espresso Chili with Beef and Black Beans

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This rich and hearty meat and bean chili adds powdered espresso for another layer of flavor.

No. 9: Richard Blais' Family Chili

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Richard Blais’ five-ingredient chili couldn’t be faster and easier to make. Onion, diced fresh peppers, chick beans, tomatoes, and chili powder are added to a Dutch oven and simmered for thirty minutes. If you’re looking for a veggie chili, try making this one!

No. 10: Tony Gonzalez’s Chicken Chili with White Beans

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Football legend, Tony Gonzalez is sharing his Chicken Chili with White Beans recipe! This fresh and healthy chicken chili uses free-range chicken, dice tomatoes, green chiles, minced garlic, white beans, dried oregano, chili powder and cumin make this dish super flavorful. It’s high protein, full of veggies, and a figure friendly recipe.

No. 11: Chris Ogbonnaya’s Short Rib Chili

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This chili is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Seared, boneless short ribs, fresh veggies, tomato paste, beef stock, spicy chili powder, cumin, smoky paprika, Dr. Pepper and light beer makes this chili the MVP of any party.

No. 12: White Chili Burritos

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If you want chili wrapped in a tortilla, Rach’s White Chili Burritos will hit the spot. This chili is made with ground turkey and poblano peppers for a healthy but hugely flavorful burrito. Rach adds spicy white beans and Monterey Jack cheese to complete the filling.

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