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Camila McConaughey, mom of three, entrepreneur and Women of Today founder, is a whiz at creating fun, inexpensive and easy treats for Halloween. Her "blood" oranges, hollowed-out orange halves filled with red Jell-O, take just a few minutes to prep and are a big hit with kids! 

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  • 2 oranges, halved crosswise
  • About 2 cups prepared red-colored Jell-O (any flavor is fine, as long as it's red), still warm


Serves: 4


Using an orange juicer, a large spoon or your fingers, remove the flesh from each orange half so you are left with a hollowed-out, but otherwise intact skin. Prop the orange skins, cut-side up, in a muffin tin. Fill with the warm Jell-O mixture and refrigerate until set. To serve, carefully cut into wedges with a sharp knife.