Rachael Introduces Her Garbage Bowl + Moppine For The Kitchen (Throwback To 2008!)

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Rachael shares the inspiration behind her garbage bowl and moppine and shows off the brand-new products in this throwback to our second season.

What Is a Garbage Bowl?

Rachael says that her garbage bowl is "probably the thing I get asked about most in life and thanked for most in life."

"It's an old restaurant trick," she says. "I always have a big bowl on the counter so I can throw my scraps in there, and we call it the garbage bowl. The original garbage bowls that I used on '30 Minute Meals,' those are actually Texas Ware. And they're beautiful, but it's a collector's item now so while they weren't so pricey back in the day, they're kind of pricey now."

Rachael's Garbage Bowl 

Garbage Bowl

"This is our modern-day version, designed for me and it's made in all different colors," Rach says.

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What Is a Moppine?

"It's kind of Italian-American slang," Rach says. "A moppine is a kitchen towel. It's something you would stick in your belt or on the edge of your pants and you'd use it like an apron, and you could grab pots with it and you could do your dishes with it. So I wanted to make a modern moppine, so that's what I did."

Rachael's Moppine 


"It has built-in pot holders in the opposing corners so you can pick up a hot pot. Or, when you're drying dishes, you can put the dish here and you've got a nice good grip on it while you're drying it off," Rach says. She also points out that you can use it to easily wipe down your kitchen counters. "And then when you're done, it's got a little [hanging loop] so you can just hook it on to your kitchen cabinet."

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