5 Back-to-School Tips to Keep Your Kids Organized All Year Long


Playing Using Old CD's to Organize Your Closet?
Using Old CD's to Organize Your Closet? Aired August 24, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

It’s the end of August, and that means school is starting soon (or has already started) for kids across the country. While it’s great to have them back in school, getting them ready and out the door on time every day, and their homework done, is a challenge in and of itself. Organizing pro Peter Walsh is here to make it a little easier with five simple ways you can get the kids organized for the new school year.

Tip 1: Plan School Outfits in Advance

Peter uses a handy trick – He takes old cds, cuts one side, and labels them by the days of the week. Then, you can plan out your kids’ wardrobes for the week, using the CDs to divide them on the clothes rail.

Bonus Tip: If your kids want to be involved in choosing their clothes, make it a fun Sunday night activity!

Tip 2: Keep Papers Organized

Peter suggests using a hanging closet sweater organizer to keep your kids papers organized. Divide up as you wish – each kid or each category can get a shelf.

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Tip 3: Store Homework in Hanging Files

Want to make sure your kids (and you) know where to find their homework every day? Hang a couple towel racks from the end of your child’s desk, and use shower curtain hangers and a hole punch to set up hanging folders.

Tip 4: Use a Wine Rack to Organize Kids’ Markers, Crayons and Pencils

Sick of having to paw through a messy drawer to find markers, crayons, or whatever else your child needs at a given moment? Peter shows you how to use a wine rack and plastic takeout containers to make an amazing organizer for them!

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Tip 5: Use a Cutlery Insert to Organize Desk Paraphernalia

Peter has shown you where to keep the papers and the markers and pens, but what about rulers, staplers, and other miscellaneous items? He just uses an inexpensive cutlery divider in a drawer! How simple is that?

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to organizing your kids for back to school? Share below.

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