A BBQ Expert Reveals 3 Summer Grilling Secrets

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 27, 2016

BBQ expert Meathead Goldwyn is here with three strategies that could revolutionize your grilling game this summer.

Tip 1: Why You Might Want to Consider Brining Your Meat Rather Than Marinating

Meathead reveals that marinating generally doesn’t penetrate very far into meat, whereas a wet or dry brine can help your piece of meat hold on to its moisture. He demonstrates using a green dye to show you how marinating barely penetrates meat.

Tip 2: Breaking Down Steak Myths

Meathead breaks down three steak myths. First, he says searing doesn’t make a big difference when it comes to retaining moisture. Second, he explains that when a cooked steak looks “bloody,”, it’s not actually blood, it’s tinted water. Finally, he explains why grill marks may actually reduce flavor in a steak.

Tip 3: Get the Perfect Steak Every Time

If you want to make sure your steak, or even chicken, is cooked perfectly every time, Meathead suggests using a good digital thermometer.

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