3 Tips for Getting Sports Memorabilia Under Control

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If you or anyone else in your house is sports-obsessed, you might have quite the collection of memorabilia overtaking your living space. If you love your baseball cards, souvenir cups, tee shirts, action figures and ticket stubs, but also want to cut down on clutter in your home, you need these 3 ingenious tips from organizing expert Peter Walsh.

Choose Quality over Quantity

When you collect things for emotional reasons, your collection can easily get out of control. Walsh suggests choosing your most prized items and and putting them in a place of honor in your home and letting go of the items that aren’t as special to you.

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Turn Your Memorabilia Into Cash

You’d be surprised by how much value might be hiding in your sports fan gear. Peter estimates that baseball cards have a value of $2-$3 each – so that means if you have a large collection, it could translate into big bucks.

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Find Creative Ways to Stash Your Stuff

If you, like Rachael’s hubby John, have a cabinet overflowing with baseball caps, Peter has a brilliant tip: use shower hooks to hang your caps on coat hangers in your closet. Problem solved! As for event tickets you’ve saved? Use a shadow box to artfully arrange them and hang them on the wall.

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