Make Sure You're Ready for Anything with These Emergency 'Go Bag' Essentials

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Playing 4 Things You Need in Your Emergency ‘Go Bag’ in Case of a Natural Disaster

Ginger Zee has covered a lot of natural disasters as Chief Meteorologist for ABC News, so she knows a thing or two about preparing for an emergency.

Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake or snowstorm you might be facing, Zee says these items are musts for your 72-hour “Go Bag” so you’ll be ready for anything:

No. 1: Copies of Important Documents
This is pretty self-explanatory, and most people know which important documents they will need, but Zee says you should make sure not to forget proof of residency (something as simple as a water bill should do it) and even pet documents, in case you end up getting separated from your pet.

No. 2: A Variety of Packaged Foods
Zee says you want to have enough food for 72 hours, but make sure you have a good assortment of things like canned goods (with a pop-top), ramen, dried fruits, etc. You don’t want to pack only trail mix and get bored of it after a few meals.

No. 3: A Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charger
One way you can ensure that you’ll be able to charge your phone is a solar-powered charging station that doesn’t require electricity.

No. 4: Medication for 72 Hours
Zee says that rather than packing a bunch of individual medicine bottles, just put all the meds you’d need for three days into a waterproof pill container for easy transport.


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