3 ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That?’ Double Duty Tips From a Mom of 5 That’ll Make Breakfast a Breeze

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Stacie Lange from Orlando, Florida is a busy mom of five (yes, FIVE) -- and as you could imagine, she has a lot of hungry humans to feed and not a lot of time. Last time she was on our show, she showed us how she turns leftover flank steak into two new meals. (LOVE her.)

So what’s a mom to do at breakfast with one frying pan when everyone wants to eat AT THE SAME TIME?


How to Poach a Bunch of Eggs All at Once
Her first tip (which you can see in the video above) is genius. This smart lady figured out a way to poach TWELVE eggs all at the same time! And ya’ll know poaching eggs can be a tedious task -- until NOW. All you do is fill up a muffin tin with a little water, break an egg into each hole and bake for about eight minutes.

“Now you can all sit down together!” says Stacie. Amen!

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A Quick Way to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs
A great way to feed your family protein FAST is to make a bunch of hard boiled eggs so kids can grab and go -- but peeling them isn’t exactly on anyone’s wish list of things to do. Here’s a neat way to peel ‘em that even the kids won’t mind helping out with!

Place a couple of tablespoons of water into a mason jar, put the egg inside, put the lid on it and shake!

"Make sure you roll it around and get it cracked on all sides,” says Stacie. “I usually count to three Mississippi on this."

Once you’re done counting your Mississippis, take the egg out and peel it. Ta daaa! Perfectly peeled eggs every time.


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How to Make Multiple Omelettes at the Same Time
The kitchen appliance you’ll need to make a bunch of omelettes all at once is most likely already in your kitchen, probably covered in dust.

Did you figure out what it is yet?

If you guessed “waffle iron” then you’re correct! They’re NOT just for making waffles.

“I usually set up a bar and let [the kids] throw in fresh tomatoes, or cheese or onions,” says Stacie. “Mix it up -- it’s about four eggs, and you can put it in your waffle iron!”

Just make sure you spray it down with non-stick cooking spray first!

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That’s right kids -- now nobody’s going to get stuck with cold eggs. You can all eat breakfast together, as a family in perfect harmony.

These tips are great for hosting a brunch too! Just a thought...

Thanks, Stacie!

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