Dollar Store Deals: Get Your Backyard Summer-Party-Ready for Only $75


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We challenged two of the most talented (and in-demand) designers we know -- Genevieve Gorder and John Gidding -- to come up with an amazing backyard makeover for only $75 -- all with products you can buy at a dollar store!

You’ll never believe what they pulled off -- check out their fun projects below and watch the video above for their hilarious shopping trip.

Upgrade a Plain Outdoor Table

Both Genevieve and John used inexpensive paint to make over a plain table. Genevieve used a $1 plastic placemat as a stencil to paint bright colors onto her table, while John created a built-in activity by painting a checkerboard and a backgammon board on his table.

Tip: To get even squares for your checkerboard, use square sticky notes to create a stencil!

Give Your Fence Wow Factor

A super-easy way to make a big impact is by painting designs on your fence. Genevieve created movement by painting a zigzag shape on her fence, while John chose to use white and yellow paint to create a subtle pattern.

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Create Hanging Mason-Jar Candleholders

Both Genevieve and John created mason jar candle-holders that they hung from their fences. John used dried beans at the bottom of his jar, and both used flameless candles to avoid any fire hazards.

Embed Lights IN Your Fence

Another fun way to add interest to your fence is to drill holes, then stick lights through from the back.

Use Broomsticks to Hang Lights

Genevieve used broom handles as posts for hanging outdoor Christmas lights.

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Make a Tent from Sheets

Play tents are all the rage with the kiddie set, but those things can get pricey! John shows you how to make a play tent from a $12 king sheet set and a circular laundry rack.

Use Two Pots to Create a Fun Table

John put two pots together top-to-top and painted them in a fun striped pattern to create a funky side table.

Our audience got to decide who had the best ideas, watch the video below to see who they chose!

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