One Doctor's Tip for How to Cure a Hangover — Over Breakfast!

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Playing One Doctor's Tip for Curing a Hangover Over Breakfast

Got a hangover? Then it's time to eat up, friends!

According to our guest, "The Doctors" star Dr. Travis Stork, there's only one thing you need to cure a hangover — well, as much as anyone can "cure" a hangover.

"There's no cure for a hangover, but you can actually do some things to alleviate the symptoms," says Dr. Travis.

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The solution? A hearty breakfast.

"Let food be your medicine!" he says.

Specifically, he loves an egg omelet with asparagus. "They help enhance the enzyme in your liver that breaks down the alcohol byproduct that's toxic," he explains.

A little bit of carbs — like whole grain toast — will "help your liver do its job," he says. And be sure to spread a little peanut butter for potassium!

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Last, but not least, he says, pour yourself a cup of tomato juice — but not a Bloody Mary! "Medically speaking, it's not going to help," says the doc. But tomato juice by itself will give you the potassium and sodium you need to rehydrate.

Even better than an apple a day, right?

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