Save on Thanksgiving Dinner With 6 Tips From 2 Coupon-Clipping Masters

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Want to save a WHOLE lot of money this Thanksgiving?

According to these two women, there's one way to do it that's better than all the rest: coupon-clipping.

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Whether you're an OG physical coupon clipper (like our first coupon expert, Lauren Greutman) or have gone digital with your coupon book (a la savings pro Melea Johnson), there are countless ways to save — you just need to know where to start! (Or how to bump up your already supreme couponing EVEN MORE.)

1. Always Grab the Weekly Ad

"Even though I love digital coupons, you always want to make sure that you grab the weekly ad when you come in the store," says Melea. "Sometimes there are secret savings that you wouldn't know unless you grab the ad!"

(FYI: Some stores, like Stop & Shop, put their in-store circulars online, too! How handy is that?)

2. Look for Peely Coupons

Lauren says she LOVES a good "peely coupon," as it's instant gratification — you peel it off the product right there in the store and voila! Extra savings, instantly. And if it's already on sale? DOUBLE the savings!

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3. Get the Store App

Not only will you find a load of savings via your store of choice's app, Melea says you can even find coupons for free products.

Yes, we said FREE.

Doesn't get any cheaper than that!

4. And Don't Stop at One App!

Melea says the more savings apps, the merrier! Her favorites? Ibotta and Checkout 51, because they both give you cash back on groceries you buy inside the store! All you have to do is snap your receipt and save it to your app to start the process.

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5. Analyze Your Options — ALL of Your Options

Don't just buy the first sale item you see! There may be a better deal out there -- right in the next aisle.

"Always compare the unit price between fresh, canned and frozen," says Lauren. "There could be a huge difference!"

Tips for life, people!

6. Go Big or Go Home

See a stand of peppers, on sale for a dollar each? Don't cheat yourself — get the biggest peppers available! That way, Lauren says, you are getting more food for your buck — and putting even more deliciousness on your table this Thanksgiving.

We can all be grateful for that!

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