3 Fun Ideas for a Book Club Party From Celeb Party Planner Mary Giuliani

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3 Fun Ideas for a Book Club Party From Celeb Party Planner Mary Giuliani

Want to throw a fun book club? Party planner Mary Giuliani shares 3 creative ideas from her new book “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One.” 


Tip #1: Serve a “Pig Board” 


You’ve heard of charcuterie boards and butter boards, but have you ever heard of a “pig board”? 


Mary recommends serving a variety of pigs in a blanket — some traditional, some vegetarian and some spicy — with some pickles, dips, and mustards on a board or platter. Plus, you can make this before your guests arrive. 


“It’s done, it’s a meal, it’s all you got to do,” she says. 


Need some recipe ideas? Try Mary’s Buffalo chicks in a blanket, carrots in a blanket and figs in a blanket.  


Tip #2: Give Your Guests Book Quote Charger Plates 


In order to make your book club special, Mary says you should give your guests something to take home. That’s why she recommends decorating charger plates with your favorite book quotes. 



-White Ceramic Charger Plate 




1. Take your favorite quote or paragraph from a book and write it out on the rim of the charger plate. 

2. Put the plate in the oven on 300 degrees for about 40 minutes and let it set for 24 hours. The quote becomes a decorative charger to help serve your food.  

3. DON’T put food directly on the writing (as it is not food safe.) Either serve food on a smaller plate or have it wrapped in a protective coating.  


Tip #3: Make Custom Bookmarks and Coasters 

You can’t have a book club party without bookmarks OR drinks! That’s why Mary likes making custom bookmarks and coasters, which are also funcitonal. 


“After I’m done with my cocktail, there is nothing I enjoy more than cozying up with a good book,” she says. 



-2 Pieces of Fabric 


-Hot Glue 


Steps for Coasters: 

1. Cut fabric into 4 X 4 square. 


Steps for Bookmarks: 

1. Take one 4 X 4 square and cut it diagonally.  

2. Take diagonal piece and hot glue it on top of a different 4 x 4 square.  

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