Don’t Know Anything About Makeup? Here’s Where to Start

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Don’t Know Anything About Makeup? Here’s Where to Start

Viewer Jazha admits she doesn’t know how to apply makeup and has to hire a pro whenever she attends an important event like a wedding.  

“I used to work as a nanny so it didn’t matter that I didn’t wear makeup, but now I work in an office and I want to look grown up and presentable and put together. I want to wear makeup, but just don’t know how!” Jazha says.  

Fortunately, beauty pro Mally Roncal is here to share tips for makeup beginners.

1. Primer 

Mally explains that you definitely want to wear primer because when you put moisturizer on and then makeup, the makeup is going to sink in with the moisturizer. 

“That's why your skin is looking blotchy and uneven, and the makeup isn't going on like it should. So first of all, using a primer is going to literally make your pores disappear, make your wrinkles disappear and give you a beautiful finish,” she says. 

2. Blush 

Mally says blush is “going to give your face life and brightness and lift!” 

“I feel like people are afraid of blush, and I get it because you don't want to... look like a clown. I get it. But blush is so important. It makes you look alive. It makes you look like you might have just had a little romantic evening,” she says. 

Mally recommends putting blush right on the apples of the cheeks and blending it up towards the cheekbone. 

3. Mascara 

Calling it “most women's desert island product,” Mally says mascara is great because “in one swipe, it makes a difference.” 

However, “did you know that whether you have long or short lashes kind of depends on how you should put your mascara on?” 

If you have long lashes, Mally says you don’t want to go too crazy. If you have short lashes, you want to apply mascara vertically. 

But what products should you buy for dry or oily skin? Check out Mally’s answer.  

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