What Beauty Products Should You Buy for Dry + Oily Skin? Makeup Artist Mally Roncal Explains

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What Beauty Products Should You Buy for Dry + Oily Skin? Makeup Artist Mally Roncal Explains

What beauty products should you buy if you have dry or oily skin? Makeup artist Mally Roncal explains.  

Viewer Denise told the beauty pro that whenever she shops for makeup, she gets “so overwhelmed.” (If you’re a makeup beginner, Mally shares tips HERE

“There are so many options for every type of product: liquids, creams, powders, sticks and lotions!  And once you pick the makeup, how do you apply it? There are brushes of every shape and size, as well as blenders and sponges! I have no idea what to buy! Help!” Denise says. 

In response, Mally says the types of products and applicators you use depends on your skin type. 

If You Have Dry Skin: 

“With dry skin, makeup wants to sit on top and you want it to sort of blend and melt into your skin. So, you definitely want to use a liquid or cream formula because that’s going to blend more,” she says.  

Mally says you should use a brush instead of a sponge because a sponge will adhere in some places but not in others. “It’s streaky and uneven,” she says. 

But, if you use a brush, Mally says you can buff it and use the bristles to push into the texture of the skin so your makeup isn’t just sitting on top. 

If You Have Oily Skin:  

Mally says to use powder foundation instead of liquid, and to use a sponge. 

“If you put anything oily or wet on [your face], it’s going to repel it. So, if we put liquid foundation on oily skin, it just kind of smears around and almost even congeals on it,” she says. 

However, less is more. 

“Even if you want a lot of coverage, you’re going to do thin layers. To get those thin layers, you’re going to use a sponge and you want to really pack the product into the sponge, so you put it on the sponge and then push it into your hand. You want the powder deep in the sponge: it’ll come out, but if it sits on top, it’ll be too much. So then, you’re going to wrap it around your finger like a little taco and press and roll it on to your face.” 

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