How Should Men Dress for a Summer Wedding? Carson Kressley Explains + Shares Other Tips

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How Should Men Dress for a Summer Wedding? Carson Kressley Explains + Shares Other Tips

Looking cool when the temperature rises can be tricky. Fortunately, Carson Kressley is here to help men with their summer fashion. 

The style expert invited us into his very own closet in New York City to show you how to look great without breaking a sweat. 

Here are his top 5 tips:  

Tip #1: Buy a Good Summer Shoe 

Carson says your shoes act as an anchor for your outfit, so it’s worth investing in a good pair. 

He says that suede loafers are always a great option and can be worn with no-show socks and cropped trousers.  

Speaking of which... 

Tip #1.5: Break Out the White Jeans or Chinos 

Wearing suede loafers is a prime opportunity to break out white jeans or chinos. For the top, Carson says to opt for a contrasting jacket over a polo shirt, high-quality T-shirt or something similarly easy going. (Also, SHOULD you wear white after Labor Day??)  

Tip #2: Take Notice of Your Shirt’s Collar 

When picking a shirt, Carson says to take notice of its collar, as the shape will determine your outfit’s vibe. In the summer, Carson recommends wearing a shirt with a Cuban collar— distinguished by four front pockets and two vertical stripes of pleating or embroidery. 

According to folklore, the collar originated when a Cuban man asked his wife to create a shirt with multiple pockets to store his belongings while working. The style made its way stateside in the 1950s, and has been a lightweight, warm-season staple of casual dressing ever since. 

Unlike the collar of an oxford shirt, a Cuban collar has almost no structure, and is designed to be worn with at least one button undone so you get maximal airflow.  

Tip #3: Switch Things Up with Prints and Patterns 

If you’re looking to switch up your style this summer, Carson says prints and patterns are the way to go.  

“A printed shirt is a warm-weather staple of the highest order, particularly when you want to make an impression,” Carson says of the statement piece. 

When wearing prints and patterns, Carson says to keep the rest of your look simple and restrained.  

For example, you could pair a patterned button-up with beige or green chinos, or any pair of pants that have a classic, understated color. Bonus: you could cuff your pants to give your ankles some air! 

Tip #4: How to Dress Formally Without Overheating in Layers  

Invited to a summer wedding but don’t want to wear a dark three-piece suit in the sweltering heat? Carson recommends suit separates, such as a standalone jacket or blazer. 

When pairing suit separates, he says to contrast the colors between your top and bottom; in fact, this gives you more freedom to experiment with color. 

For example, Carson says you can wear a cream jacket — which will help deflect some of the heat — with a navy trouser. This look is a timeless and winning combination.  

Tip #5: It’s All About the Accessories 

Now that you’re dressed, it’s time to accessorize! Carson recommends wearing sunglasses as they’re the piece that finishes your look and one of the first things people notice. 

He adds that men should frequently update their sunglass collection and choose frames that provide adequate protection from the sun.  

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