Mom of 5 + TikTok Sensation Known as "Cancer Dancer" Is in Remission!

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Mom of 5 + TikTok Sensation Known as "Cancer Dancer" Is in Remission!

Tia Stokes, a mom of five known as "cancer dancer" on TikTok who was first on our show last year to share her story of positivity while fighting cancer shares a life update: she's in remission!

"Despite all that has happened in 2020, I've chosen to stay positive no matter how hard the days get and I continue to share my journey because I believe if I can help one person through my experience then that is good enough," she explains.  

"December 2, 2020 is a very special day to me because that is the day of my bone marrow transplant. One of my brothers Clayton was 100% my match, which is another really rare thing that's happened. My bone marrow transplant thus far has worked and I'm in remission," she shares.  

And as far as what she's doing now—she's enjoying life! She's back in her dance studios teaching classes and choreographing. Plus, she's speaking at events and sharing her story—and how we can all choose positivity during challenging circumstances. We are so happy for you, Tia!   

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