11-Year-Old Food Critic Invites Rach to Italy to Try His Nonna's Cooking

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This kid!

When we see a youngster following in Rachael's footsteps — that is, loving food and shouting to the rooftops about it — we can't help but show them the love.

And this junior foodie, Luca Marconi, certainly deserves lots of it!

As the Italian pre-teen with 16,000 Instagram followers tells Rach, deep down, he just knew that "I had some good potential."

"I just started making videos and everyone loved them, you know?" Luca explains. "And I just keep on going and going."

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His inspiration? "I've just loved foods my whole life."

(We understand, sir!)

And his favorite cooks of all? Why, his mama and his Nonna, of course.

In fact, Luca is so impressed with his Italian grandma's cooking, he invited Rach to Italy to try it out!

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"If you come to my house in Italy, oh my God, my grandma will make [my favorite dish] for you," Luca promises Rach.

Sounds like Rach might have to fit that into her next anniversary tour!

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