3 At-Home Resistance Band Exercises That Replicate Gym Exercise Machines

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"Biggest Loser" fitness trainer Erica Lugo is sharing three at-home workouts that target your back and lower body, using resistance bands to mimic the effects of gym exercise machines.

Instead Of Cable Row Machine: Wrap a resistance band around the bottom of your feet and grip the band with your thumbs pointing up toward the ceiling and your knuckles facing out. Pull back on the band until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, then release and repeat.

"You notice I have full control of this band the whole time," Erica says. "The great thing about bands is they come in so many different resistances that you never have to get bored and you can always challenge yourself." 

Instead Of Horizontal Seated Leg Press: "I love loading on those plates when I'm at the gym. How can you do that at home? All you need is this band," Erica says.

Lay on your back and wrap a resistance band around the bottom of your feet. You can also wrap it around your wrists to give you more resistance. Half crunch up, then extend your legs, pushing up against the band, and bring them back down

"You notice everything is nice, slow and controlled," Erica stresses. "If you want more resistance, continue to wrap it around your wrist and feel those quads burning on this leg press right at home."

Instead Of Lat Pulldown: To mimic the lat pulldown machine at home, all you have to do is loop a resistance band around a door and shut it. Make sure to use a door with a tight fit and lock if possible to keep the door secure.

Grab the band with your knuckles pointing towards the ceiling and pull back towards you, squeezing your upper back (called your lats), then slowly release.

"You don't need a gym to have a really good workout. All you need is the space, your bands, and that's it," Erica reiterates. "Get creative, stay consistent… I promise you, the results will happen."

Remember: Be sure to start out slowly if you haven't been exercising regularly or are a beginner.

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