3 Denim Trends You Need to Know About + How to Wear Them

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Denim will always be a style staple, but as we know, different styles of jeans go in and out of fashion all the time. Mom jeans are in and low-rise is out… at least for now!

Style expert Lilliana Vazquez is sharing her tips for rocking some of the hottest trends in denim. Plus, she's answering questions and styling some of our viewers in looks they never thought they could wear.

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Check out the top three denim trends and Lilliana's "new rules" of denim — and shop the looks — below.


"[This is] one trend I thought I could never wear," Lilliana says. "It doesn't sound that flattering, but you guys… these feel like sweatpants, but they're actually made of denim!"

The style expert says that by following a few simple rules, anyone can rock the cinched style.

How To Style Paper Bag Waist Jeans
Lilliana Vazquez and Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray Show

If you're on the shorter side (like Lilliana is), she says to follow these three rules when shopping for denim with a paper-bag waist.

1. They have to be high-waisted.

"It means your legs look a little bit longer," Lilliana says.

2. Keep the detail as minimal as possible.

Some paper-bag waist pants come with big, bulky belts or bows that just add extra volume to your middle, the style expert says. "You want to make sure that it's streamlined."

3. Choose a darker shade.

"I love a darker [shade] on the bottom. I feel slimmer in them, I feel taller in them," Lilliana says. "Darker colors I think are just more flattering."

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If you love the head-to-toe denim look of overalls but you don't want to feel like a kid, Lilliana has the trend for you.

"They're a little youthful. I think once you leave your 20s, they're not the easiest thing to wear," Lilliana says of overalls. Check out how she styled a viewer named Elizabeth in head-to-denim (with no overalls in sight).

How To Style Denim On Denim
viewer denim on denim look
Rachael Ray Show

1. Create color contrast with different shades of denim.

"We did a darker version of this jacket on top with a lighter pant on the bottom," Lilliana says.

2. Add contrast in volume.

You don't want to look like you're wearing a denim unitard, which is why Lilliana chose an oversized jacket and straight-leg jeans for Elizabeth.

3. Dress up the look with accessories.

Big chunky jewelry, a structured bag and heels with a pointy toe make the look more ladylike and polished, Lilliana says.


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One viewer named Helen wanted to know if she could pull off the wide leg jean trend she's been seeing on celebs and influencers all over social media.

Lilliana's answer? Yes!

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans
viewer wide leg jeans look
Rachael Ray Show

1. Choose a structured top to create hourglass proportions.

"What you're always trying to do is create proportion in your body that's balanced," the style expert says.

She chose this structured top for Helen, which has a stiff shoulder, volume in the sleeve and a belt that pulls in at the waist and then flows out at the bottom.

"You're creating that hourglass figure illusion which is really important — it doesn't matter what size you are — and that helps balance the wide leg," Lilliana adds.

2. Pick wide leg jeans that gradually get wider toward the bottom.

"They are wide from the hip down, but if you notice, from the knee down they get a little bit wider — and that also helps balance out the shape," Lilliana says of the jeans she styled Helen in.

3. You always want the style to be cropped — and the crop to hit right between the bottom of your calf and your ankle.

"That is the skinniest part of our leg, so you want to make sure you show that off. And if you're shorter or you just want to look a little bit taller and leaner, a pointy-toe shoe is your best friend, because it creates the idea and the illusion of height," Lilliana says.


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