3 Things Makeup Artist-Turned-Health Coach Bobbi Brown Does To Take Care Of Herself

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Bobbi Brown may not be at the helm of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics anymore, but her philosophy on beauty, health and wellness has not changed. Now, the mom of three calls herself a certified health coach, author of Beauty from the Inside Out and creator of a beauty-inspired supplement line called Evolution_18.

"If I didn't take good care of myself," she tells us, "I wouldn't have the energy."

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So, what are some of her healthy habits? (Self-care for the win!)

(FYI: Bobbi says you can find everything she mentions in your local health food store.)

1. Use Calendula Oil For Burns + Redness

"It is a really great oil [that's] great for any kind of burns [or] any kind of red irritation," Bobbi says.

It's also good for cuticle care, she continues — AND it's under $10.

(Fair warning from Bobbi: It has a bit of a strong smell!)

2. Drink + Eat Dandelion For Debloating

Bobbi likes to put dried dandelion in tea or in a salad to help with bloating.

"Dandelion will help move the water through your body," the health coach tells us.

Plus, she says apple cider vinegar helps with digestion and debloating.

3. Use Turmeric On Skin + In Drinks

We're no stranger to turmeric here on our show — and for good reason, according to Bobbi!

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Bobbi mixes turmeric, black pepper and milk to make a milk bath of sorts for her skin. (Did you know that pepper activates the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric?)

The mom of three also likes to warm the mixture up, add cinnamon (and honey, if you'd like) and drink it.

"It tastes delicious," Bobbi says.  

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