3 Ways to FINALLY Get Rid of Annoying, Ever-Present Paper Clutter Once and For All

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Junk mail, weekly circulars, bills and utility statements, notifications from financial institutions, handouts from school — who isn’t tired of that ever-present pile of mail in your home?

“I’m constantly asked about paperwork — how to handle paperwork in the house,” Peter Walsh says.

Here are a few tips from the pros.

Tip 1: “Shred it ‘til it’s dead.”

Peter recommends investing in a personal home shredder, and placement is key. Don’t even think about hiding it in your home office or in a closet!

“You need to put it next to your mail station — wherever the mail lives in your house,” Peter says.

As soon as you come home and go through the mail, immediately shred anything with any personal information. That way, “anything with any identifying information disappears from your home immediately,” Peter says.

Tip 2: Try a Hanging Closet Organizer

You know the kind you can buy to organize sweaters in your closet? This is a great way to keep each kids’ papers from piling up on desks and tables around the house. As a bonus, once the closet door is closed, they’re entirely out of sight! (Get 5 more great back-to-school organizing tips here).

Tip 3: Hang Clipboards In Your Pantry

Minnesota mom and Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry blogger Erin recommends hanging clipboards in your pantry — one clipboard for each kid — so you can keep all of those papers they bring home from school organized and in one place. (Erin has lots more advice on how to organize your pantry here.)

And when they’re no longer relevant, shred away!

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