4 Controversial Design Trends + How To Do Them The RIGHT Way

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Between his gorgeous home makeovers on "Queer Eye," his new furniture line and his lifestyle brand as a whole, interior design expert Bobby Berk is one busy guy.

Luckily for us, he still finds the time to regularly stop by our show and share his take on the hottest home décor and DIY trends at the moment.

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This time around, Bobby is tackling four design trends that can be polarizing. We asked our viewers to swipe yes or no on each trend, then gave Bobby the final say on whether or not he thinks you should take these controversial designs for a spin.


2 decorative ceiling examples side by side

Bobby swipes right on decorative ceilings, saying that while people tend to forget about the ceiling from a decorative standpoint, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to add color, texture and interest.

You can use peel and stick wallpaper, beadboard or stick-on beadboard, double-stick wood, tiles or faux tin panels, Bobby says. You can also use paint, of course. Consider adding your main paint color on your ceiling to draw the eye upward. Rich, darker hues and black work really well.

"A lot of people think that black ceilings would make the space smaller," the design expert says. But, it's actually the opposite! Why? "Because it's like the night sky, it feels like it goes on forever," Bobby explains.


Bobby swipes left on this trend, but if you do want this kind of look, he has a better, more organized design solution: color blocking.

Place a line of painter's tape a third of the way up your wall, and paint everything below it.

"That way you're getting that half-and-half look," he says. And again, black paint can actually make your space feel bigger when used strategically like this.

color blocking example in home
Bobby Berk


tropical motif in bedroom example
@lydias_layton_life on Instagram

Tropical motifs can go overboard, Bobby says. Some people love them and some people hate them — he likes them in small doses. 

"One thing I love doubling up with a nice tropical motif is a grasscloth wallpaper. It makes it look natural but it's not busy at all. Less is more," Bobby says.

If you want to incorporate tropical motifs, Bobby recommends doing it in a room that doesn't have as much sunlight or access to looking out at real greenery. "It will add some nice life and happiness to a space," the designer says. 

Pick one or two simple elements at the most. Whether it's an accent piece like a throw pillow, bedspread, curtains or a framed print, everything in moderation!


terrazzo in bathroom

You might want to swipe left on terrazzo, but Bobby says not so fast! According to the "Queer Eye" star, the new version of terrazzo is using it in accessories rather than as actual tile.

His new furniture line incorporates terrazzo as the bases of tables, for tabletops and more.

You can also find terrazzo accessories, from a hand soap dispenser to a kitchen trivet. 

"It's highly durable," Bobby adds.

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