4 of The Dishes On Rachael's Christmas Menu

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Playing Rachael Shares What's On Her Christmas Menu

Christmas is ALMOST here, y’all!

(Less than 10 sleeps away!)

And for some of you, that means you’ve got one thing at the top of your mind:

What you’ll be cooking for Christmas dinner.

Need a little inspiration?

Well, you’re in luck, because one of our audience members asked Rachael what she plans on whipping up for her family and friends this holiday season, and she was only too happy to share her short list!

1. Porketta, a.k.a. a big pork roast (this one’s for her husband, John)

RECIPE: Rachael’s Pork Roast

2. Giant beef ribs (the size of “brontosaurus ribs,” she jokes)

RECIPE: Rachael’s Sweet and Sour Agrodolce Braised Beef Short Ribs With Pink Horseradish Cream

3. Stews, like an osso bucco

RECIPE: Rachael’s Osso Bucco

4. LOTS of lasagna, a.k.a. "Christmas pasta"

RECIPE: Mamma Leone-Style Meat, Spinach and Sausage Lasagna

But of course, while she says these are the house favorites, she also notes, “Everybody that comes has different likes and dislikes.”

And being the amazing host she is, she accommodates them all!

So while these four items are always at the top of her list, just know, if you’re going to Rach’s house this Christmas, you’ll get something made just for YOU!

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