5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas

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Spending a fortune at gas stations? Worried about rising prices due to inflation? Kezia Williams has you covered. 

The CEO of the Black upStart — which helps young Black entrepreneurs create profitable small businesses — is here to share five easy ways to save money at the pump. 

Kezia — also known on social media as “Professor Kez” — knows what she’s talking about. With over half a million combined Instagram followers on her personal account and the Black upStart’s, the businesswoman dishes out tips to get your finances right! 

Check out her tips, below:

1. Pay with Cash at the Pump

Next time you’re at the pump, pay with cash instead of a credit card

“Gas stations will [charge] you credit card fees when you swipe, so use the money that folds to keep your gas bill low,” Kezia says. 

She also notes that paying in cash could save you five to ten cents per gallon of gas. 

2. Find a Grocery Store That Offers Fuel Discounts 

Kezia says several major grocery store chains have partnered with gas stations to give customers cash back on fuel purchases. 

“Let’s say you spend $100. That could get you back five to ten cents per gallon at the pump,” she explains. 

These reward programs could result in major savings over time.

3. Buy Gas at the Beginning of the Week 

This might change your opinion about “the most hated day of the week.” 

Citing Gas Buddy, Kezia says Monday is the cheapest day to purchase fuel in 17 U.S. states.  

“And the worst day is Thursday,” Kezia adds.

4. Don’t Speed!

Following the speed limit could result in a cheaper gas bill. 

Citing FuelEconomy.gov, Kezia says doing this — as well as reducing car stops — could increase one’s gas mileage up to 40% in stop-and-go traffic. 

“Fall in love with yellow,” she adds. 

5. Use Apps Designed to Help You at the Pump

Kezia recommends to take out your phone and download Upside and Gas Buddy — two of her favorite apps that could help you save money on gas. 

Upside allows users to earn cash back on gas as well as groceries and restaurant purchases. All one needs to do is upload their receipts and put in a few digits of their debit card

“Not the whole thing, mind you,” Kezia notes. 

On the other hand, Gas Buddy shows different gas stations in one’s area. This way, one can find the best local deals on gas.  

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