Are Makeup Wipes The Best Way to Remove Makeup? A Cosmetic Dermatologist Answers

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Playing The 411 On Makeup Wipes | Pillow Talk Derm Dr. Shereene Idriss

Everyone has a skin confession that they're a little ashamed to admit. You know the biggies — popping pimples when you're not supposed to, going to bed with your makeup on, leaving face masks on for too long … the list goes on. 

Well, what about this one?

SKIN CONFESSION: "I use makeup wipes because I am too lazy to wash my face at night."

Uh oh! Here's what cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss — a.k.a. the "Pillow Talk Derm" who uses Instagram to give her patients the info they want on a weekly basis — has to say about that. 

"A for effort. At least you thought of taking your makeup off and not dirtying your bed sheets," Dr. Shereene says. "But honestly … it's just a piece of cloth — which isn't biodegradable, so it's not helping the environment." And she emphasizes that many contain chemical irritants and detergents and preservatives.

"If you've at least thought about taking your makeup off," the derm goes on, "do the step further and really take it off."

Not sure where to start? Dr. Shereene walks through her entire skincare routine here — and you can shop the products!

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