Campari vs Aperol: Can You Substitute One For The Other?

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If you watch our show regularly, you likely know that John's go-to cocktail for date night with Rach is a Negroni, which is traditionally made with Campari.

He's also mixed up a classic Aperol Spritz on the show, which, of course, features Aperol.

But what is the difference between Campari and Aperol, really? And can you use one instead of the other? "Absolutely," John says. He breaks down the differences between the two below.

"Aperol is just a softer, slightly sweeter, slightly less alcohol content version of Campari," he says. "They are interchangeable, [but] if you want a more intense drink use Campari. If you want something that's a little lighter and friendlier, use Aperol."

And there you have it!

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