Celeb Trainer Bob Harper On The Surprising Thing That Helped Him Lose 40 Pounds (hint: no cardio!)

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When Rach saw celeb trainer Bob Harper in the studio, she couldn’t believe how much he’d slimmed down.

His new fitness obsession? Hot yoga

He takes classes at Fierce Grace every day, he tells us, and just can’t get enough. Why is he so hooked, you ask?

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Well, he says he loves sweating like crazy, and he finds the practice detoxifying and therapeutic. Plus, “There’s not one single movement that you don’t do in a hot yoga class,” he explains.

And Bob’s opinion of weight-loss workouts has changed recently.

“I came from that very cardio background," he says. “It’s like 'to get the weight off you’ve gotta get cardio cardio cardio.’” Now, he says, “I don’t necessarily believe that’s true in all cases.”

In fact, he says he’s lost close to 40 pounds in six to seven months since changing up his diet and exercise routine following his 2017 heart attack.

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And hot yoga isn't the only trick he has up his sleeve!

For starters, he drinks tons and tons of water each day, which he calls  “washing away [his] sins.”

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He's also switched the almond milk in his morning coffee to oat milk, which, he says, has the same texture as whole milk but without dairy, nuts or gluten.

Another big part of his daily routine? Transcendental meditation. He thinks of it as the ultimate stress reliever and way of clearing the mind.

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