We've Heard of a Yoga Mat — But What's a Yoga Wheel?!

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Yoga mats are *everywhere* — but yoga WHEELS?

We're intrigued.

When Dr. Travis Stork visited, he told us he loves to do yoga, specifically on his own.

"Because I'm still too intimidated at the classes," he explains.

He loves yoga blocks, he says, because they help him ease into movements and can help with things like opening up the chest (which, he stresses, is important when we're sitting at desks all day).

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But what about a yoga wheel?

He demonstrated the new fitness trend right in our studio — placing the wheel on a yoga mat and laying right over it — and he says yogis are embracing the trend left and right.

Why? Well, the doc says it allows you a little bit bigger of a stretch.

Watch him demonstrate the technique in the video above!

"If you do try yoga, start small," the doctor advises. "Know what you're doing [and] talk to your doctor first, because these are not things that you want to do without knowing what you're doing."

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