Wait, Could You Actually Ditch Heavy Weights At The Gym With This Trendy New Machine?

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If traditional gym workouts aren't your thing — this may be for you!

Dr. Travis showed us the ins and outs of the Power Plate which, he says, could improve muscle and bone density.

"This is whole-body vibration therapy," the doctor explains. "No longer do you need to go to the gym and have it be about heavy weights."

“My whole body is vibrating!” he tells us, while demonstrating a couple of squats on the machine.

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Since the machine is constantly moving, stabilization and balance are *key* — which also create a mind-body connection, the doc says.

"I like it because it feels good and you don't have to use heavy weights to get a benefit from it," Dr. Travis continues.

He also mentions that this new fitness trend was used by… NASA?! Because astronauts needed to re-adjust to being back on earth, he explains, this kind of vibration is thought to help them.

So interesting!

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As always, everyone, do your homework before jumping into a new workout routine.

"Do talk to someone at your gym in terms of how to properly use [it]," Dr. Travis advises.

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